Every time a single photo is taken and shared on social media, every person has a different view about it. People connect differently with photos and on a scale of one to ten, very few people have similar idea about what a specific photo is all about. Take for example; have u ever imagined what it would feel like if you had to put your finger over a burning flame?.. Painful right? What comes on your mind when you see a photo of someone burning or a house full of people in flames? You only experience pain and sadness and you do not even want to imagine the kind of pain the person/s in the photo went through. An photographic example below clarifies it.

The burning monk, Malcolm Browne, 1963

The photo of the burning monk aroused a lot of interest among many people around the world. One look at it and your mind is clouded with hundreds of thought. The petrol can beside him keeps you wondering if the monk set himself on fire on someone else did. But the other monks beside him, moving away and standing further from the scene clearly shows that they were not meant to help him. But the main idea is the kind of feeling behind the photo, the first reaction you get when you first set your site on it. Of course most people retaliate sadly, others look away sorrowfully but its very few who share the pain of the monk. Some break down in tears even though the incident happened a long time ago. Photos share a long time emotion and enables others to experience the feelings of those in the photos and connect with them at different levels.

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