A dose of self resilience

A health care worker checks a woman’s temperature and oxygen saturation for Covid 19 in Dhole Patil slum, India on Aug 10, 2020
A health care worker embraces an elderly Covid 19 patient who has a few days left.

Tough times require the hardest measures. Most of the time, some of these strategic measure do not favor a larger parcentage of the population. A good example would be the impact of Covid 19 and the measures people took to avoid being infected. If you have the ability to go through times, either for a short or long time and recover from it, then you are capable of anything. The two photos above show two health workers. One checks a woman’s health status to make sure she is not infected; the other tries to comfort an elderly man already affected giving him hope that he will survive. During the tough times of Covid 19, people took caution of not going near infected people. Very few were willing to help in going around and checking the health status of others to make sure they are not infected. Those working in such fields, had a difficult time, comforting and giving hope to those already infected and taking those infected to hospitals for treatment even though there chances of getting better were extremely low. After all that, they had to undergo through a very difficult moment Get over the ability to feel pain for others and move on in helping more people. By doing so, they were able to us that theoretical measures don’t mean that you can’t help others get over their pain. Their message is conveyed to us through those photos. It shows people who are not heroes but doing whatever it takes to ensure that those infected and those under the threat of being infected are not abadoned. The chances of Corona patients to survive were very minimal since the virus took root for afew days and caused a sudden death to the victims. These workers were not giving false hope to the victims but showing them love and care. Showing them that no matter what happened, they will always be there to care about these patients; even if it means embracing them to make them feel comfortable, something that most people wouldn’t do in the Corona period. With the help of these kind of photos, most people switched off there negative thinking about how to treat Covid 19 patients and began to criticize those who didn’t care about the patients. A positive connection was created between the people in the photos and those who had a better look at them and changed them for the best interest of the society. Everyone was able to give a hand and many lives were saved. Through all those difficult moments, many lives were lost too, most were mourned but everyone was able to recover and move on; trying to save more and more lives.

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